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December 13, 2017
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Updated: Dec. 13 (12:03)

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What's Happening with the Overtime Case? Updated: 8/15/2016
Updated On: May 01, 2017

Dear Members:

This is a press release that is being sent out by Snidar and Associates who represented AFGE Local 12 in the overtime case which was settled this week. We will not have any additional information to share with you until September because of the complicated process concerning the payout of this award.  Here is what I can share with you now.

  1. The Union will receive all the funds that it expended in this case including the fees for the Arbitrator, and transcripts. Therefore, in the end the case cost the union, AFGE Local 12, nothing. Please note Snidar and Associates took this case on contingency basis and therefore the firm was never paid by AFGE Local 12.

  1. The pool of those receiving the payout includes the entire current  AFGE Local 12 bargaining in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, a little over 3000 people and former members of the bargaining unit who were in the national office at the time of the case from 2006 to present. We cannot exclude bargaining unit members who are not dues paying members of the union.

  2. Snidar and Associates is hopeful that the distribution of the payout will occur by December of 2016, we will let you know as soon as we have more information about how and when this process will take place.

I am sorry that I cannot provide you any additional information at this time, representatives from Snidar and Associates will be coming to the national office locations of the Department of Labor during the fall of 2016 to explain the entire process. Thank you for your continued patience.

In Solidarity,

Alex Bastani


AFGE Local 12  


June, 2, 2014

Dear Members:

Please review the attached document carefully if you believe that you are eligible for the overtime case that the union filed in August of 2006.  The actual claim for time for the claim begins in August of 2003 going forward.

Changes in the notice – please review:

  1. You have until Friday June 27, 2014 to request your time records from DOL management to determine if you earned unpaid overtime.

  1. You have until Friday August 29th to file you claim with Snider and Associates, LLC. who are representing Local 12 and its bargaining unit members in this matter.

Again please review the attached document if you have any questions.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you haven’t sent in a Claim Form yet-you still have time to do so- we will know our extension date by the end of May

Attached is Claim Form II for those employees who did not receive it from the Arbitrator. Note the filing instructions are different from the forms sent directly by the Arbitrator. The attached version requires employees to submit the forms directly to my office for my office to then submit to the Arbitrator.

Claim Form PDF

Claim Form Word

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Keith Kauffman, Esq.
Law Offices of Snider and Associates, LLC
600 Reisterstown Road, Suite 700

Pikesville Plaza Building
Baltimore, MD 21208
410-653-9060 phone
410-653-9061 fax email website



What is Happening in the

Overtime Case?

Find Out on Monday February 24th

Representatives from Snidar and Associates, LLC

Who Are Working on the Behalf of Local 12 Members

Will Be Answering Your Questions

12 Noon

Frances Perkins Building

Cesar E. Chavez Memorial Auditorium

Law Offices of Snider and Associates, LLC website

AFGE Local 12
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